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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Photography

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Photography

Quite a good number of people rely on photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop in making their photos look better. Others invest a lot in procuring confiscated cameras, not knowing that photography is beyond a good camera and editing tools. However, this does not mean that even a poor camera can do the magic. You need creativity, flexibility, camera quality, photo-editing tools and other basic skills as discussed herein to upgrade from an amateur to pro photographer. After reading this article, you will be able to shoot great photos that may not even require post-editing touches. Here are quick tips and tricks to improve your photography.

Experiment Camera Settings

The best way to explore your camera is by experimenting with your camera settings whenever you are not on an assignment. For you to be a professional photographer, you must be ready to spend most of your time testing various settings and taking shots. Try to test new lenses to determine the best performing aperture or focal length. Also, try to experiment the setting of different types of cameras to discover their strengths and weaknesses.


Lighting is a very important factor to consider when you want to take legendary shots. Do not take shots with a direct flashlight or in direct sunlight. The word photo relates very closely to the word light. Therefore, you must learn how to take photo shots at a different elevation of light. Make sure you avoid direct light since it can cause harsh shadows on your photographs. Ensure that you are positioned in the shade for outdoor photos. For indoor photos, ensure the flash bounces off the wall.

Inspiration vs. Creativity

You should be able to differentiate between creativity and inspiration. There are many teachers of photography roaming both on the online and offline platforms. They will show you their samples, and this might be a bad idea because the inspiration might dissolve your creativity. Make sure you come up with your own and unique way of taking photos. Differentiating yourself from the rest will earn you respect and more assignments. You need to give your clients something that they have not experienced before.

Check Your Kit

Your camera bag should be ready with all necessary tools for photography. Always ensure you carry your camera, tripod, and lenses when going for a gig out of town. The small elements of photography can cost you if you do not make sure they are intact. When you have all your photography elements, you can do the work without any hassle.


Know Your Meter

Try to understand your camera’s metering mode. When framing the image, check the light and meter how to expose the scene. Understanding various backgrounds can help you in achieving your creative goals.

Change Angles

Try to shoot from different angles because images appear differently when pictured from various levels. Taking photos while you’re bent on your knees cannot be the same as those taken while the photographer is upright. The posture and angle of your shots will rely on your creativity. Therefore, try to take photos from all angles.